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About Summer Stock...

Summer Stock has been a tradition of the Neshaminy School District, and the Neshaminy Summer Programs for over fifty years.  The program was built to give students the opportunity to "put on a show", and has evolved into a program where students learn all aspects of theatre.  There are three major components to the summer programs. 

The Summer Stock Showcase is for students who have completed grades 1-2.  This program gives our youngest performers a chance to explore theater through a series of numbers that comprise of a mini-show.  It gives each student a chance to discover theater and the joy of performing. 

The Summer Theatre Workshop is the program for students who have completed grades 3-5. It gives them the opportunity to do a Junior version of a musical and focus on theatre basics.  They work on basic dance, stage directions, character development, as well as helping out with their costumes and sets. 

The Main Stage Production is for students who have completed grades 6-12.  Students have the opportunity to audition for lead roles before the start of rehearsals.  Students work in collaboration with directors to put together a full length Broadway musical with a live orchestra.  Students are encouraged to develop individual characters, challenge themselves with choreography, and learn difficult harmonies in three weeks!  The live orchestra and team of professionals working on the shows makes this a unique experience.  This sets Neshaminy Summer Stock ahead of other Bucks County Theatre Camps!  The experience culminates in four performances of the year's show!
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